Check Out Evan Longoria’s E:60 Mental Game Video

Breathe Baseball believes the mental game is the biggest difference maker between hits & outs, strikes & balls, plays made & errors and wins & losses.  As a coach I tell my students and players to control the controllables, play the game “1 pitch at a time” and use relaxation and visualization tools that allows players to play the best they can possible play.  Mental toughness is what allows ballplayers to overcome the downs of baseball and put themselves in the best position to succeed on any given day.  Players who prepare with mental tools will be more confident about performing in the game.  Ask any professional or college baseball coach and they will tell you confidence is everything in baseball.  Being a heads up ball player will give you confidence to trust in your ability and believe in your preparations.  The body, fundamentals and talent are very important, but the mind is the most powerful tool baseball players have.  Take a deep breath, prepare yourself with visualization and positive thoughts to succeed and BREATHE BASEBALL.


Coach Mike